(c) 2007 by Meum al-Malis (Proud Member of Ice Lords from Morningthaw)


I do a break from AC. So there are no updates in the near future. And no support. Thank you. 


Plugin: EmoteButler

For easy handling with all emotes. Define a hotkey in Decal Hotkey System, then change emotes in the list as you want. Always the same hotkey for all emotes.

Plugin: NinjAlert 1.0 (Beta1)

(currently only for Egg Orchard) with chat command /ninjas you set on or off (default is off). The state is not saved, you have to set it again after relog.

Plugin: DoorButler! 

Easy to use: ON or OFF. If ON the it opens all doors for you. Only stand close to a door and wait a short time ( < 1 sec). You can set it ON or OFF via decal hotkey system.

Reloader (25.11.2007)


Restock quick from your Homechest. Define the max count you want to store in your backpack.
Individual settings saved automatically for every Char. If you have installed Decal Hotkey System (DCS) then you could set a
hotkey for reloading without open the plugin window. Just open your chest, press your hotkey and reload.












1. Checkbox for activate or unactivate the item
2. Symbol of the Item
3. Name of the Item
6. How many Items you want to store in your Backpack. Click to reset it with the current
default count in the textbox above the listbox.
4-5., 7-8.  increase or decrease the count by clicking on this column (inc/dec by 1 or by 5 (++/--))
9. Click on pack icon to set your pack to move in, current selected pack
10. click on del to delete the item from list
11. click on it to replace the item with a current selected item

Open the chest and click on Reload Button. Items that are not found in the chest are ignored.
Items are loaded from both packs of a chest.

Note: This is my first Plugin and it is not perfect. Use it at your own risk.There are still a few bugs in it. Some bugs are depends on AC or decal, or the way I use decal ;-). 

Contact:  meum@gmx.net
(Let me know if you have any questions)




Version History: (published on 25.11.007)


- some internal improvements, no more vendor messages (published on 28.10.007)


- you can now load non stackable items like Armor, Weapons...


- some internal improvements (published on 21. January 2007)

IMPORTANT: With this version you must redifine your itemlist, because of a major change in the pack selection!
Delete all items first.


- settings now saved into  XML file


- sometimes house hooks and housechest was part of the char inventory in the worldfilter. It causes the effect that during reload the char is running away. So I changed the selection for the side packs. Now select first the pack and then click on the pack icon (never published) (published on 7. November 2006)

New Features:

- chat command "/rr" or "@rr" is starting reloading now.
- when you log in with reloader installed then your main pack opens automatically (tell me if you want this as an option).


- you can set the counter more than 100
- the "New" Button is bigger now


- reloading stops now if you close the chest during the reload action
- if a sidepack is full then the item is moving to the main pack (if this is not full too)
- some other fixes

Coming soon:

- Component and Mana Charges buying function (one click solution). This feature is still in teststate. I deaktivated it for this version due to some problems. Maybe it comes not before the new decal version.
- Moving items from your inventory to you chest. If you have more items as you define in the listbox, then the surplus moves to the chest.
- Moving your full salvage bags to a chest or a mule
- Salvage selling to a vendor (for salvage like gold, silver, ruby,....)
- Selling your peas to a vendor

Tell me your feedback about this functions in the forum. Mainly that are functions I want to have for my own, but think that could be useful for other players too. (published on 22.10.2006)

New feature:

Items can now configuered with a sidepack number (the slot number where the pack is located, starting with 1)


many internal changes, bug fixes (maybe new bugs? :-) )
changed the Listbox columns. (published on 20.10.2006)

Fixed a few minor bugs: 

- Salvage can't loaded into the listbox anymore. 

- Reload can't started without an opened chest anymore


- No more debug messages